About Me

Hey reader, thanks for stopping by Literary Cravings! I hope you enjoy your time here and are able to find some great reads to add to your tbr pile. I’m Tee, creator and blogger of Literary Cravings, avid reader with a never-ending craving to read. I created this blog as a place were I can reach out and share my love for books and all things book related with others who are interested in reading as I am!

I’m a complete mood reader with a love of reading romances and adventures with unforgettable characters that just pull me into their story. I also enjoy graphic design, so much so that I got a BFA in it with the hopes and dreams of working in the publishing industry. Now if you’re an author or book publicist, Hi! Thanks for stopping by as well! If you have a book that you think I would love, head over to my policies page and check out my preferences.

Again thank you so much for stopping by and wanting to get to know me better and I would love for you to join me in my literary adventure!

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