The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan Review

Aug 20, 2020 | Book Reviews | 4 comments

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The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan ReviewThe Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan
Also by this author: Foreplay
Series: The Rogue Files #6
Also in this series: The Scandal of It All
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance
Published by Avon on April 28, 2020
Pages: 351
Format: eARC
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Continuing her bestselling Rogue Files series, Sophie Jordan brews up a scintillating romance about a timid wallflower who discovers a love potion and ends up falling for a dashing rogue.
A love potion…
Charlotte Langley has always been the prudent middle sister, so her family is not surprised when she makes the safe choice and agrees to wed her childhood sweetheart. But when she finds herself under the weather and drinks a “healing” tonic, the potion provokes the most maddening desire... for someone other than her betrothed.
With the power…
Kingston’s rakehell ways are going to destroy him, and he’s vowed to change. His stepbrother’s remote estate is just the place for a reformed rogue to hide. The last thing he wants is to be surrounded by society, but when he gets stuck alone with a wallflower who is already betrothed... and she astonishes him with a fiery kiss, he forgets all about hiding.
To alter two destinies.
Although Charlotte appears meek, Kingston soon discovers there’s a vixen inside, yearning to break free. Unable to forget their illicit moment of passion, Kingston vows to relive the encounter, but Charlotte has sworn it will never happen again—no matter how earth-shattering it was. But will a devilish rogue tempt her to risk everything for a chance at true love?


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So What Did I Think of The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan?

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This was a cool story that had me intrigued. The whole premise of an elixir wreaking havoc on the heroine, showcasing her true desires with the hero made things sound very interesting. Which pulled me into the story, especially at the start of everything.

Now, how things went down later on was another story. I found the characters to be alright, they seemed complex and interesting with what they dealt with. My biggest issues was how the heroine chose to deal with the issues she was facing. Denial is the theme for a majority of this story. Huge Denial. It was to the point I was like, girl. you know what you want and it was obvious that everybody could see it.

I totally get questioning your feelings and making sure that they were real and not some passing fancy but I felt like too much time spent going back and forth. Also I wasn’t really here for the whole love triangle. I know it was to add drama and it did but I’m not a big fan of the love tangle trope to begin with and it didn’t hit with me.

“This was pleasure. So profound and intense that it made her lose her mind.”

The moments that I enjoyed the most was when they did gave into their feelings and embraced the truth. I got the chance to really see them for who they were and what they truly wanted and I liked that. It opened up the story and got it moving for me, anticipating to see what would happen next. Which led to some serious sizzling hot moments between the couple that I really enjoyed. The emotions were there and I was here for it and wanted more because it was very well done.

Overall the resolution was nice and in the end I liked The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan. I wished some things would have been handled differently and there were higher stakes drama than that but overall it was a nice story that I liked reading.

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  1. AMBER ELISE @ Du Livre

    I saw the audio was on sale so that might be worth it! The premise sounds fun, too bad it didn’t play out exactly as you had hoped it would!

    • Literary Cravings

      Oh, yeah maybe you should tryout the audio! Yeah I wanted more oomph but I do enjoy Sophie Jordan’s stories so I will be on the lookout for the next one!

  2. Jen Ryland

    Hmmmmm. I’ve been trying to get back into regency but am not loving the new books I’ve tried. I loved the Kleypas Wallflowers series. I like older Julia Quinn books but her newer ones have not worked for me. I’ll have to look at some of your other recommendations and see if I can find something to try!

    • Literary Cravings

      Thanks for stopping by! Oh I have to check out Klaypas’s Wallflowers series! Yeah be sure to check my recommendations I hope you find some you like!


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