Review: Too Hard To Forget by Tessa Bailey

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Review: Too Hard To Forget by Tessa Bailey

Nov 21, 2017Book Reviews

Review: Too Hard To Forget by Tessa BaileyToo Hard To Forget by Tessa Bailey
Also by this author: Make Me
Series: Romancing The Clarksons #3
Also in this series: Too Hot To Handle
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on April 25, 2017
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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This time, she's calling the shots.

Peggy Clarkson is returning to her alma mater with one goal in mind: confront Elliott Brooks, the man who ruined her for all others, and remind him of what he's been missing. Even after three years, seeing him again is like a punch in the gut, but Peggy's determined to stick to her plan. Maybe then, once she has the upper hand, she'll finally be able to move on.

In the years since Peggy left Cincinnati, Elliott has kept his focus on football. No distractions and no complications. But when Peggy walks back onto his practice field and into his life, he knows she could unravel everything in his carefully controlled world. Because the girl who was hard to forget is now a woman impossible to resist.

So What Did I Think Of Too Hard To Forget by Tessa Bailey?


Gripping Premise
Finding Family
Traumatic Past
High Conflict
High Interest
Strong Emotion
Great Anticipation
High Action


Third Person
Dual POV
Great Pace
Instantly Pulled In
Attention Held
Strong Drama
Strong Family Dynamic
Multiple Issues Addressed
High Curiosity
Intense Climax
Great Resolution
Easily Immersed
Great Buildup
Strong Anticipation
Great Flashbacks


Strong Personalities
Interestingly Flawed
Multiple Focused
Strong Secondary Characters
Strong Growth
Dominating Coach
Popular Cheerleader




Second Chance
Forbidden Love
Great Struggle
Great Banter
Strong History
Strong Chemistry
Blazing Connection
Great Development of Relationship
Battle of Wills
Instant Connection


Okay so I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of second chance romances so I had a little misgivings going into reading but this story did second chance romance so damn right, it was so on point! And I was a very, very happy reader. I loved the intensity and depth of the story and it was that instensity that pulled me in and held my attention throughout with the multiple issues raised.

Even though the characters were typical, college coach and popular cheerleader, their situation was filled with complications, depth and heat that made it super interesting. Peaking my curiosity to want to know more and see how their lives would change for the better. The author did such a great job evolving the characters and keeping me along for the ride.

The romance was super blazing and complex and I loved how even though they had an instant connection things was far from easy for them and they really struggled through dealing with the issues of their past about themselves as well as their relationship. What I enjoyed the most was the flash backs of the beginning of their relationship alongside the story since this was a second chance romance with strong history between them. Being given the full scope of their relationship with scenes that were super intense and packed with information, made the story much more enjoyable for me.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this story as much as the past stories and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Overall I loved reading Too Hard To Forget by Tessa Bailey and can’t wait for the final story to unfold.

5 Stars


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