Review: The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare

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Review: The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica ClareThe Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare
Also by this author: The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving
Series: Billionaires And Bridesmaids #4
Also in this series: The Billionaire Takes a Bride
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published by InterMix on June 21, 2016
Pages: 206
Format: eARC
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A hot one night stand between friends might spark true love in the latest Billionaires and Bridesmaids novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Billionaire Takes a Bride.

Greer has always been there for Asher, but she wishes she could break through her shyness and show how much she truly loves him. But after a steamy, mindless fling at Hunter and Gretchen’s engagement party, Greer finds herself tossed aside and forced to admit that you can’t love someone who doesn’t acknowledge you exist.

It’s a shame he got her pregnant.

After his fiancée betrayed him and tanked his business in one fell swoop, Asher has spent his time trying to rebuild his wealth and forget the past. But he doesn’t understand why Greer blew him off after their night together—until he catches a glimpse of her belly.

Now Asher is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Greer she belongs with him. And he’s very skilled at the art of persuasion.


So What Did I Think Of The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare?


What I Liked

What I liked and what drew me to read this story was the best friend / unrequited love element that Greer had for Asher. It’s one of my favorite romantic tropes so I was excited to see where things would go.

I liked the fact that it didn’t take anytime for Greer to build up her courage and address her love for Asher at her friend Gretchen’s party.

When Greer finally made her big move on Asher, things took a surprising turn that I wasn’t expecting, which brought up my curiously at how things would go. Their relationship quickly turned for the mistake he made at the party which was quite ironic since that was the same time Asher really woke up to realize that he wanted Greer.

The drama got more intense as Greer found out that her encounter with Asher that night had serious lasting effects which complicated things since she now wanted nothing to do with him. And I was like, “Oh ok!” drama raised!

I liked the main characters. I thought they were interesting, realistic and flawed. Though they made some choices I didn’t really agree with, I understood a-little their reasoning behind it. I really liked the fact that even though Greer had so much feelings and love for Asher she wasn’t naive enough to overlook his mistakes. She had strong feelings and when Asher lost her trust she didn’t easily give it back to him. She made him work to get back her feelings and rightfully so, and work he did. It was nice to see Asher quick to realized his mistake and worked hard to make things right with Greer, and it was great to see him give her the emotional support that she needed.

When Asher got his act together he was caring, determined and sexy. His main focus was to care for Greer and I really enjoyed his passionate pursuit of her which grabbed me. Their relationship was about forgiveness and trust which they struggled with to get things worked out.

From the beginning there was a connection between Greer and Asher since they were friends for a long time, but the story focused on the development of their romantic relationship that had nice sexual tension which built into a sizzling heat.


I wasn’t feeling Asher’s first manipulation in order to be around Greer. Yes, it led to a crazy situation that they had to deal with but I felt that he could have done something better. I felt it brought unnecessary drama and strain.

Some of Greer’s solution to the issues that came up regarding Asher and their relationship I didn’t agree with at all. The first issue I kinda understood given Asher’s really loved her, though it was a bit obvious mistake and had me shaken me head.


Despite the issues I had which wasn’t really major and the character’s recognized their mistakes. Things were nicely resolved and I ended up enjoying reading The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare.


4 Stars


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