Review: Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

Jul 26, 2015 | Book Reviews | 2 comments

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Review: Shards of Hope by Nalini SinghShards of Hope by Nalini Singh
Also by this author: Blaze of Memory
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley on June 2, 2015
Pages: 484
Format: eARC
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Awakening wounded in a darkened cell, their psychic abilities blocked, Aden and Zaira know they must escape. But when the lethal soldiers break free from their mysterious prison, they find themselves in a harsh, inhospitable landscape far from civilization. Their only hope for survival is to make it to the hidden home of a predatory changeling pack that doesn’t welcome outsiders.

And they must survive. A shadowy enemy has put a target on the back of the Arrow squad, an enemy that cannot be permitted to succeed in its deadly campaign. Aden will cross any line to keep his people safe for this new future, where even an assassin might have hope of a life beyond blood and death and pain. Zaira has no such hope. She knows she’s too damaged to return from the abyss. Her driving goal is to protect Aden, protect the only person who has ever come back for her no matter what. This time, even Aden’s passionate determination may not be enough—because the emotionless chill of Silence existed for a reason. For the violent, and the insane, and the irreparably broken…like Zaira.


So What Did I Think Of Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh?

The Psy – Changeling series is one of my favorite series so I was super excited to read Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh! Now this is a long standing series and I’m very happy that it’s still going strong, really strong.

This was a very emotional story with an intense, compelling drama that hooked me from the beginning and kept my attention throughout the story. Seeing how exactly Aden and Zaira would make it out of the messed up situation and protect the Arrow squad plus fall in love during the process, yeah my attention was defiantly caught. The world was dark, intense and was packed filled with great kickass action with a great pace and I really enjoyed it.

Aden and Zaira were very complex, deep characters which made me really like them. They pulled me into their journey and made me care. Their relationship was just as complex but compelling all the same. Giving that they both were Psy, stripped of emotions and Arrows, known as the coldest, toughest Psy’s known, I was very interested to see how their romantic relationship would happen.

In the end their romance grew into this really awesome connection as they really embraced their emotions, which was a real struggle but that made it much more meaningful. I loved seeing these two strong capable characters really open up, be vulnerable with each other and form this strong sizzling bond.

Now the story was told in multiple POV’s from the main characters and side characters which was alright and I understood the purpose was to give us more insight into the story. But I would have liked to stay focus on the main characters and felt a bit thrown off by it.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh and really look forward to see where the series will go!

4.5 Stars


  1. Renee (Lover of Romance)

    Great review. I am planning on reading this one soon. I am curious to see how it turns out too, I feel like this story will be unique because both characters are Psy and we haven’t seen a relationship like this one yet.

    • Literary Cravings

      Thanks for stopping by Renee, I’m happy your gonna read this one! I hope you enjoy it.


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