Book Review: Engaging Brooke by Dara Girard

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Book Review: Engaging Brooke by Dara GirardEngaging Brooke by Dara Girard
Series: The Browards of Montana #1
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published by Kimani Romance on May 1, 2014
Pages: 224
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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A bride for a Broward?

If Brooke Palmer doesn't find a husband within thirty days, she will lose her family home forever. So she turns to the only man she trusts to save her….

Jameson Broward has only one true love: his vast and rugged ranch in Granger, Montana. But he understands the importance of protecting a family's legacy, so he agrees to a marriage of convenience to the woman he's cared about for years. As the stoic groom and his beautiful bride begin their businesslike union, they are confronted by the unexpected lure of their sensual and passionate chemistry. Is it possible for the sexy rancher and his pretend wife to turn their short-term arrangement into a lifetime of love?

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Engaging Brooke was an interesting read that got me looking forward to the potential drama and conflict between Brooke and Jameson as they tied themselves together into a marriage of convenience to save Brooke family’s land. There was added drama as Jameson and his family, one most known ranch families in their town, fought to figure out who was buying up all the land in the town and how to protect their own.

Things got even more complicated when it become known that Brooke really did have deep feelings for Jameson but there was this huge problem of her older sister Meredith used to date Jameson when they were younger and dumped him, breaking his heart in the process. Jameson really loved Meredith so when she broke up with him it really messed him up and closed him off to love though he tried and failed at find it again. So he put all of his energy on his family ranch and making it successful.

With them in this fake marriage the true conflict and interest for me was in Brooke battling her true feelings for Jameson while trying to open him up again. And with Jameson it was him dealing with and pushing down his new developing feelings for Brooke while they kept up the act of being this loving couple. From their past semi friendship it was clear that they had a connection and it didn’t take long in their marriage for the sexual sparks to fly. Though they were connecting physically it took some time for them to get over their fears and insecurities and connect emotionally. They had the whole opposites attract element going on with Jameson being this cold fierce guy and Brooke being the open artist so it was interesting to see Jameson finally open up to Brooke and fall in love.

While the writing was clear and the pacing was steady leading to a nice read, though I would have loved for even more excitement and intensity between Jameson and Brooke. They were married but they spent too much time apart and I wanted more clashes, interaction and sexual tension between them. Overall Engaging Brooke by Dara Girard turned out to be a tasty read. While I would have liked more tension and drama their romance was hot and I liked it.

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