Book Review: Take a Chance by Abbi Glines

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Book Review: Take a Chance by Abbi GlinesTake a Chance by Abbi Glines
Also by this author: Bad for You
Series: Chances #1, Rosemary Beach #6
Also in this series: One More Chance
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Published by Atria on February 25, 2014
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the story of Grant, the sexy playboy who first captured readers’ hearts in Fallen Too Far.

When Harlow Manning’s rocker father goes on tour, he sends her to Rosemary Beach, Florida, to live with her half-sister, Nan. The problem: Nan despises her. Harlow has to keep her head down if she wants to get through the next nine months, which seems easy enough. Until gorgeous Grant Carter walks out of Nan’s room in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Grant made a huge mistake getting involved with a girl with venom in her veins. He’d known about Nan’s reputation, but still he couldn’t resist her. Nothing makes him regret the fling more than meeting Harlow, who sends his pulse racing. Yet Harlow wants nothing to do with a guy who could fall for her wicked half-sister—even if there are no strings between Grant and Nan. Grant is desperate to redeem himself in Harlow’s eyes, but did he ruin his chances before he even met her?

Literary’s Views

Take a Chance was filled with so much drama and emotion that it just captured me and pulled me into Harlow’s and Grant’s story. Since getting a taste of the beginning of their story in Forever Too Far I knew this was a story I wanted to read. Harlow and Grant had a turbulent, blazing opposites attract romance that was filled with drama and secrets that was compelling and complicated so much issues. From the start of their relationship things were complicated given the fact that Grant was messed around with Nan, Harlow’s mean as hell step sister. Now this is a ultimate no no, but the fact didn’t really know each other Nan hated Harlow. Nan was a hard character to like, but I felt in the end she didn’t want to be liked, I could see that she was hurt and dealing with a messed up situation with her family that was understandable and I felt for her. I wanted to like Nan but she made it really hard being so hateful and manipulative.

The fact that Grant did mess with Nan which was bad but he did try to make it work with Nan but Nan being Nan, threw it away. I was happy that Harlow did attempt to stay away from Grant and when Grant realized that Harlow was related to Nan understood the crap that he landed himself in because he wanted Harlow, knew it was a problem and tried to back off. I liked when Grant and Harlow was kind of thrown together Grant made the effort to actually get to know Harlow and be her friend though with his easy charm, upfront personality and the chemistry between them that was a lost battle and the friendship quickly turned to more.

What made things so interesting was all the issues that both Harlow and Grant had to face with themselves, their relationship and family. They didn’t always make the smart or right decisions but that added to the suspense at how they could possibly make a relationship work with all of the issues and secrets surrounding them and that is what had me flipping the page to found out.

Harlow was this quite, keep to herself kind of girl that wasn’t all dramatic which I liked and then in comes Grant who totally shakes up her world. I found her to have this quite strength to her with understandable vulnerabilities and she made mistakes that made her feel more real. Grant with his good looks and smooth talking was such a flawed anti-hero to me but that was what made him interesting.

I am really happy that the story was told in both Grant and Harlow’s point of views because I got to see their situations through their eyes, especially learning about Grant’s reasons for his messed up actions which I would have written him off for. But he was dealing with this own vulnerabilities and fears and he owned up to his actions. He recognized his feeling for Harlow and even though he knew he didn’t deserve Harlow he tried to be better for her. I liked that he didn’t really keep things to himself, he talk things out with his friends and even Harlow. Harlow’s and Grant’s romance was an explosive blazing hotness that indeed burnt up the page, even with all their issues whenever they were around each other I could feel the sizzle of their chemistry.

Overall Take a Chance by Abbi Glines was a yummy read that I enjoyed, what with all the drama and blazingly sexy romance. Things were defiantly emotion in ever chapter and suspense at what would happen next because things were not predictable. Oh but the end totally left me hanging with this crazy cliffhanger that I didn’t see coming, leaving me with so much questions.

4 Stars


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