Book Review: Eternal Sin by Laura Wright

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Book Review: Eternal Sin by Laura WrightEternal Sin by Laura Wright
Series: Mark of the Vampire #6
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published by Signet on November 5, 2013
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
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Love and Vengeance...

The violent attack left Synjon destroyed and his lover dead—at the will of the evil vampire Cruen. Syn’s passionate savior was Petra. When she became pregnant with his child, it should have been a blessing—until Syn vanished after discovering the truth: Petra was the daughter of the man he despised above all others. The daughter of Cruen.

When Petra’s health begins to decline, she contacts Syn to help save their baby. Though reluctant to see Petra, he cannot turn his back on his own innocent child. But night after night, as his feelings for Petra are rekindled, Syn becomes increasingly torn.

Although everyone assumes that Cruen is dead, Syn is not convinced—and is still hell-bent on finding and destroying him once and for all. But will his thirst for vengeance keep him from seeing what is really worth living for before it is too late?

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Book Review of Eternal Sin by Laura Wright
This is the first book I have read in the Mark of the Vampire series so I just dived right in. Since this is the 6th installment to the series there was a lot of backstory and drama but it wasn’t hard to get into the story. Right from the beginning I’m thrown right into the thick of things between Synjon and Petra and all the drama of their relationship.
Book Review of Eternal Sin by Laura Wright
Giving the crazy history that Petra and Synjon had, their romance was filled with thick tension, hurt and a passion that both of them tried so hard to ignore but couldn’t. Their struggles of dealing with that passion made this story so interesting.

Book Review of Eternal Sin by Laura Wright
Ok Synjon was a straight up jerk at first, he knew it, everyone knew it. He was suffering from a major case of the vengeance craze, blinded by his need for vengeance for his horrible past and not really caring for who he hurt in the process. Does he change? Of course or this wouldn’t be a romance but he indeed struggled in figuring out what the right thing to do was and getting closure for his past while making a way for his future.
Book Review of Eternal Sin by Laura Wright
I liked how Petra was willing to do what she needed to do to save her baby, going through the extremely trying and awkward confrontation with Synjon when he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. She was able to put aside her hurt feeling and Synjon’s blinding vengeance and get things done.
Book Review of Eternal Sin by Laura Wright
Eternal Sin by Laura Wright was a wild ride filled with intense conflicts, emotion and an even trying romance. I enjoyed getting to know Petra and Synjon and watch as they navigated their crazy world and fight for their future.

4 Stars


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