Book Review: Hector by Elizabeth Reyes

May 25, 2013 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

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Book Review: Hector by Elizabeth ReyesHector by Elizabeth Reyes
Series: 5th Street #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Published by Self Published on February 7th 2013
Pages: 410
Format: eBook
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Staying away from him was indisputably the sensible thing to do. The problem? She wasn’t just drawn to him; she was utterly mesmerized...

Charlotte Brennan is no stranger to heartache and mortification. Her past is full of both. So when amazing and incredibly intense Hector Ayala, literally jumps into Charlee’s life, her walls are immediately up. Letting her guard down and sharing her past and deepest secret is not happening. Charlee is not looking to get her heart crushed once again. However, her willpower proves to be no match for Hector’s mesmerizing pull.

Guilt is a profound emotion to deal with and no one knows this better than Hector. So when he gets the chance to make up for a past indiscretion that’s been gnawing away at him for months, he takes it. Doing so means he’ll also have to pass up pursuing Charlee, the only girl he’s ever been so fascinated by. But his inability to explain why they could never be has him dealing with a new kind of
guilt—the guilt of knowing he is unwillingly breaking her heart.


Hector was a really enjoyable read. I loved the romantic drama between Hector and Charlotte. I could really feel the emotion between these two even with their insecurities and confusion about the feelings that was growing between them. I enjoyed reading as their relationship unfolded as well as their life.

What I really enjoyed most was Hector and Charlotte strong connection with their intelligence and their bonding over chess, even though they came from two different backgrounds. Usually its some other sport like football or baseball but I loved that it was a intellectual game. Nothing sexier than a smart bad boy!  The duality of Charlotte’s and Hectors lives and the dual point of views with which the story is told gave me a chance to see of their world through their eyes making the story so much more interesting.

I devoured Hector by Elizabeth Reyes, with the intense romance, unforgettable characters, and heated drama I couldn’t get enough. I can’t wait to read more from Elizabeth Reyes.

5 Stars


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