Review: Midnight Enchantment by Anya Bast

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Review: Midnight Enchantment by Anya BastMidnight Enchantment by Anya Bast
Series: Dark Magick #4
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley on February 7, 2012
Pages: 270
Format: Paperback
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A quest for freedom may be derailed by their intense attraction...

Niall Quinn, mage and the finest thief in the Black Tower, is the fae's best hope for freedom. Only he stands a chance of tracking down and retrieving the missing bosca fadbh pieces from the Summer Queen. But he meets his match in Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn, who has taken control of the pieces on the Summer Queen's behalf—and has refused to give them up.

Elizabeth is an asrai, a rare English water fae, and she may be the only one in Piefferburg stealthier than Niall. She has her own reasons for guarding the two pieces and wanting the walls of Piefferburg to remain intact—even if it means denying her fae sisters and brothers their freedom. Her mother's life depends on it.

Torn between his duty to obtain the pieces at any cost—and the shocking lust Elizabeth has stirred in him—Niall must convince Elizabeth to surrender the pieces, or else he may have no choice but to destroy her and all she holds dear.


Midnight Enchantment was an engrossing read. Being the last book in the Dark Magick series the drama and action was much more intense as everything came to a conclusion.

In Midnight Enchantment the story focuses on Niall Quinn, a mage, who is tasked to capture the elusive water fae Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn, who has in her possession the missing pieces of the Summer Queen, which are the ultimate keys of the fae’s freedom of their world. Things get more interesting as Niall and Elizabeth begin to develop feelings for each other amongst their cat and mouse relationship. What I enjoyed the most was the vivid detail of the fae world Piefferburg that Anya Bast created. From the first chapter I was engrossed in the amazingly vivid magical world.

Elizabeth and Niall’s relationship was an intriguing game that I enjoyed reading as it played out. I liked how their relationship developed from obligation, distrust and duty to love. Their complications and struggle with their past and current predicaments allowed for them to grow. All of the characters were realistic and diverse allowing me to connected with them and their individual stories.

The race against time was a major undertone within the story, adding to the overall urgency of the story. Things weren’t at all what they seemed and I had a great in time figuring things out. Why Elizabeth did the things she did as well as Niall. Action, intrigue and romance were intricately woven through the story at a nice pace.Overall I enjoyed Midnight Enchantment and I look forward to reading more from Anya Bast.

4 Stars


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