Guest post on what kind of things we’d find if Marni Bates were to have a garage sale of items from her teenage years.



My hot pink, sparkly prom dress (with magical poofing abilities thanks to yards of tulle) ~ $5

My tape deck. Yes, I had a tape deck in high school when my CD player broke. I thought it made me old school. Looking back, I just didn’t want to spend the money on an iPod and thought that by stalling I might get one of them for my birthday. Didn’t happen. ~$1

My beat-up travel copy of Pride & Prejudice. I love everything about that novel, which is why at last count I had four copies in my room. I used to take P&P everywhere with me and it’s come in handy during some particularly awkward car rides. Oh, Mr. Darcy! *Swoon* ~ $0.50

Sweatshirts. Way too many sweatshirts, wish I wore every day without fail. $2

The West Wing Scriptbook(PRICELESS BECAUSE AARON SORKIN IS A GOD! Not that I’m a crazy fan or anything . . .)

My rollerblades. Reasonably priced at $5,000,000,000 because they’ve held up brilliantly since . . . 6th grade, I think. They’re my energy outlet of choice, whether I’m stressed, angry, euphoric or just sort of blah. Not sure I could have made it through high school without them.

My cat, Farley, I’ll give away for free. He’s entirely too handsome and he knows it, which means he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to be haughty and dismissive towards everyone. That’s what I get for being shallow and judging only by looks. 

My ballroom dance CDs. I’ve never listened to them since I stopped taking classes. Hmm . . . I might have to track those down, actually. $5