Books or eBooks: Books! I love a full book shelf. I love spines and pages and covers and hiding things in pages like pressed flowers or …cash, or whatever. Someday I want a full wall shelf and then I want to pull a book out and have the wall spin around to reveal a hidden room, like in Scooby Doo. But until then I’m also moving into eBooks, for the sake of space.

Handwritten or Typed: Typed! If it’s me. I’m a lefty so if I write on a whiteboard or chalkboard or anything I’m writing away and erasing it as my elbow drags along behind.

Morning person or Night person: Both. But I think I prefer nights.

Dogs or Cats: Both. Though right now I only own cats. I love a big dog.

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke. It tastes like poison. I hated it until I was at a 3-day music festival, fricken parched and it was the only thing left in the vending machines. Now it tastes like really enjoyable poison.

Seafood or Meat: Meat. Even though I really like cows. And chickens. Guys, I am so appreciative of your deliciousness.

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate: Milk. Dark chocolate is for vegans. Kidding. But whenever I go vegan, I eat a ton of it.

Milkshake or Juice: Milkshake. Because of Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. I now drink everyone’s milkshakes. I drink them all up.

Facebook or Twitter: I’m more active on Twitter. I spy more on Facebook. The internet makes narcissists and voyeurs of us all.

Paris or Italy: Oh that’s hard. I love Paris, and I don’t think it’s dirty or that people are rude there. As long as you make an attempt to speak French, they seem really helpful. Even when you butcher their language. But Italy! So many places of beauty. And so much excellent food. I love Florence. But…I’m going to go with Paris.

Contemporary art or Classic art: Classic.

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