Book Review: Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

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Book Review: Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena ShowalterEcstasy In Darkness by Gena Showalter
Also by this author: Deep Kiss Of Winter
Series: Alien Huntress #5
Also in this series: Deep Kiss Of Winter
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published by Pocket on October 26, 2010
Pages: 502
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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New York Times bestselling sensation Gena Showalter enthralls with a dark, tantalizing world of humans, otherworlders, powers beyond imagining, and a seductive vampire undone by his insatiable hunger for one woman. . . .

Growing up poor on New Chicago’s meanest streets, Ava Sans had two options: be the predator or be the prey. No contest. Now, working for Alien Investigation and Removal, she’s been ordered to capture the biggest, baddest warrior of all—a vampire too beautiful to be real, with the ability to manipulate time. Once the leader of the entire vampire army, McKell has been deemed savage and unstable, spurned even by his own kind.To McKell, humans should be nothing more than sustenance. Yet the petite, golden-skinned Ava is a fascinating contradiction—vicious yet witty, strong yet vulnerable, lethal but fiercely loyal. Against his better judgment, McKell craves that loyalty, and much more. When the chase leads to seduction, McKell and Ava will race to discover the truth about his past. But the answers will come at a price, even for a woman who thought she had nothing left to lose. . . .

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What Worked

The Romance– Exciting, fast paced and enticing. Watching Ava and McKell fall into passionate lust then passionate love was such a joy.

The Drama – Loved all the obstacles that Ava and MacKell had to face, with their romance as well as with themselves. Making this not an easy romance as well as the kick ass villains.

The Villains– As dangerous and devious as villains need to be. They brought the real mayhem and danger, plus a whole lot of revulsion.

The Aliens– I didn’t know it was possible but Gena Showalter found a way to make some compelling Aliens both hot and repulsive at the same time.

The Action– This story was filled with so much action I couldn’t put it down.


Ava– Strong, Crazy, Impulsive. She was such a great character. Loved her snarky voice and crazy attitude. I never knew what would happen next with her.

McKell– Brooding Vampire Man Candy. Loved his crazy up front self. He didn’t mince words and actions. Giving Ava a run for her money.

Noelle– Funny, Crazy Best Friend. She and Ava were like to peas in a pod and I enjoyed her crazy smart mouth and the mischief her and Ava concocted. Can’t wait for her story.


Rubbing my hands in anticipated glee I dived into Ecstasy in Darkness, Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress world expecting to be greatly entertained and I’m happy to say I was. Everything was engaging from the crazy kick butt characters that jumped from jokes to violence as swiftly as a blink; to the crazy journey that they all went through both romantically as well as on a mission to save the world. Gena Showalter took me on a wild ride that I didn’t know how it would end. Ms. Showalter had me from her first Alien novel and I can’t wait to read the next installment.

5 Stars


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