Good morning all, I’m Tai, host of the Cravings Corner, where viewers crave to know the characters they love. We are here in Waynesville, North Carolina. With me today are Edna, Gavin, Nora, Rena, and Tark. Thank you all so much for coming.  
Let’s start with Gavin. I understand from Rena you’ve changed a bit since meeting Nora. How so?  
Gavin: [glances at Rena before turning to me, smiling] How much time do you have? [Gavin chuckles] It’s not so much that I’ve changed, but more that I’ve grown. [He reaches for Nora’s hand, his fingers mindlessly playing with a large emerald on her finger] I guess you could say she’s had a rather positive influence in my life. 
 What about you, Nora? How has meeting Gavin changed your life? 
Nora [blushing] How much time do you have? [Rena giggles, Nora smiles down the row before turning to me] I’m more confident these days, not nearly as shy as I used to be … I’m stronger. That’s the biggest change of all. 
Edna, according to Mrs. Brown Nora never dated in high school. Were you nervous about meeting Gavin? 
Edna: I’ll be havin’ a talk with Mrs. Brown on Sunday, you mark my words. There’s a reason why God put teeth around a tongue … so they could cage it and keep it from waggin’ when it shouldn’t. [Nora grins, Edna takes a deep breath]. But to answer your question, I was a bit nervous, but Sunny’s always has a good head on her shoulders, and I knew she wouldn’t fall for any ole Tom, Dick, or Harry in the woods. She’d wait until she found someone special.  
Rena, I hear you are an accomplished artist. Have you sold any of your work?
Rena: [looks slightly offended] I create for enjoyment and to express. I have given sculptures and paintings as gifts from the heart, but I would not be able to sell my work to someone who wouldn’t appreciate the intent of the piece. [She glances at Gavin] Besides, we’ve been busy … taking care of other matters to find time to create much of anything.  
Tark is an unusual name. Is it a nickname?
[An easy smile spreads across Tark’s face as he leans his tall frame back in the chair]. I guess you could say it’s a family name. I’ve been told my name is as old as the sea. [Rena grins a mischievous grin, Tark’s smile widens, their eyes lock, sharing a secret]  
Edna: You two stop that. 
[Rena grins at Edna, unabashed. Everyone laughs]
And that’s all the time we have for today. I’d like to thank our panel today, and we look forward to seeing you in the second installment of the Kailmeyra series, The Secret of the Keepers, which is slated for release this October.  
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