DC Grace

Novel: The Sacred Oath

D.C. Grace has studied various cultures of Native American society for well over twenty years. D.C. has also been fascinated with all things supernatural since childhood. She wrote her first vampire story at the ripe old age of nine.
When she’s not trying out a new recipe or digging into a good book, D.C. can be found driving her kids around town in her Mom cab. She lives just outside of Louisville, KY, with her daughters, two crazy kitties, and a neurotic Chihuahua. D.C. considers herself lucky they let her live with them.

 The Importance of Myths & Legends

Myths and legends are an important part of the fabric of every culture. Even in modern times, we find things that lead us back to days long forgotten. Myths and legends are interwoven into every culture, no matter how diverse, and if you follow the strands back far enough, you can see that one original belief that started it all.
The term “Yule” or “Yuletide” in relation to Christmas, for example, harkens back to Pagan traditions, before Christianity. Modern day Pagans still use the term Yule at Christmas time.

It’s about heritage and where we all come from. Those myths and legends not only show us where we’ve come from and where we’ve been, but they provide us amazing stories to expand upon in modern literature. There’s nothing better than reading a cool idea in a book and researching it, to find it has actual base and merit in some long ago place!

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