I’ve been reading for a long time, mainly as a way to escape my current reality and indulge into another world. Although I’m fairly new to blogging about my thoughts and views on the million of books that I read.  I didn’t have any idea what BEA was at first but I quickly found out through the creation of the Book Bloggers Convention and with the help of my sister Michelle was able to attend. Have to say…best-decision-EVER!!  If I had to sum up my BEA experience I would have to say enjoyably chaotic.  There were so many books and people to meet it had my head spinning. Again I have to thank the creators of the Book Bloggers Convention because with out them I wouldn’t have known or be able to attend. It was great how they set up publishing house tours in the beginning of the week with some major publishing houses such as Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Picador & Penguin. Going to these tours really opened my eyes to the inter world of the publishing industry and how they tick, making me want to be apart of it so much more!  Going to BEA was crazy! There were so many people; so much excitement that I totally understood when people said you had to go in there with a clear game plan. There were so many things happening at the same time that it made it so overwhelming…fast. Thanks to Angela from Dark Faery Tales and Gaby from Starting Fresh for making the experience much more fun and organized. My advice, have BEA buddies, it makes things way easier. The Book Bloggers Convention after BEA was great. I learned so many things about how to better my blog and learned the thoughts of the publishers and authors and how to build my relationship with them.  Overall the experience was amazing and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!!! Go BBC & BEA 2011!!!