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Thanks so much for stopping by Literary Cravings, If you could sum up Darkest Secret in four words, what would they be????

GS: A sizzling must read. Okay, so that’s the promoter in me talking.  Probably: Tormented warrior utterly enraptured

Since The Darkest Secret is your seventh book in your Lords of the Underworld series, how  was it like writing Amun & Haidee’s story???

GS:  I loved writhing their book.  Both characters charmed and seduced me. I was surprised by many of the things I learned – about them, about other characters – and in the end, I think this might just be my most romantic pairing.

  In the beginning, what or who spoke to your first? The story or the characters???

GS: The story.  I knew I wanted to write about men who’d opened Pandora’s box.  But the warriors quickly followed and took over.

Did you do any unique research for Darkest Secret???

GS: The Darkest Secret is straight from my imagination. Especially the scenes where different realms of hell are visited…

Was there any scene or part in the Darkest Secret that was difficult to write? And if so how did you get through writing it???

GS:  There is a fight scene later in the book that was very hard to write, and in fact, I think I rewrote it three times, trying to nail the choreography while showing the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

  I feel that names hold meaning and importance to characters and you’ve picked some pretty great names. How do you come up with or decided on the names for your characters? Do they hold meaning???

GS: With the Lords, I poured through baby books until someone sat up and said “That’s me!”

Who was the easiest & hardest character for you to create???

GS: William is the easiest.  When he’s in a scene, that smart mouth of his takes over and everything flows.

Gideon was extremely difficult to write.  Because nearly every word out of his mouth is a lie, he often drives me to the edge before a scene is done.

After tackling the Lords of the Underworld series, Alien Huntress series & Intertwined series (Wow you’ve written a lot lol) what genre or supernatural tale are you interested in writing  about in the future ?

GS: I’ve got two Alice in Zombieland young adult novels to tackle, and I am thrilled about that!  Very passionate about this project, about a girl who wakes up from a crash only to discover a world of zombie and zombie slaying – and a boy who will either save or destroy her. 

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